Can Anyone Learn to Code?

Can Anyone Learn to Code? Sure. However, this mentality, in theory, is only going to take you so far. There are many self-taught coders, who are really good at the work they do. Especially if you are driven, are using the right tools and resources, and are willing to put the time in, you can learn how to code and write code.

Learning doesn’t mean understanding
Just because you can learn how to code the language, doesn’t mean you are going to use it in practice. The second prong of the quote “Anyone can learn how to code,” is “Doesn’t mean coding is for everyone.” Just because you can learn how to code, doesn’t mean you should learn how to code, nor does it mean you are going to be good at the coding work you perform in practice.

Boot camps aren’t the “ultimate tool”
Sure, you can find those online boot camps that will cram down the information you need to learn down your throat. And yes, many of these programs are taught by professionals in the field and provide the information you need to learn to work as a coder. However, these tools/educational resources are not for everyone.  Is coding for you? Check this article out.

Education isn’t always on a level scale
When you learn something in class, this doesn’t mean you can put the theory to practice. You have to consider that not everyone will learn everything that is taught to them at the same level of expertise. Quality over quantity should be the approach you take when it comes to coding. If you learn everything in a week, are you going to learn the material? Some people might, but others won’t. You have to keep in mind that not everyone learns things at the same pace, level, or expertise when it comes to coding which is taught in schools/online programs.

You can learn anything in theory; this includes coding. But, keep in mind that it is very complex and is the type of field that is only going to accept those that are the very best in the field of work. So, just because you can (are capable of learning something) doesn’t mean you should, nor does it say you are going to be efficient/useful in the work.

If you are considering a career in coding, it is essential to find these factors, before you delve in and overpay for programs to learn the material, consider the repercussions of not choosing the right approach, teachers, and techniques in the world of coding.